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Buy 4 or more bars and save $1.00 on each bar

use coupon code at check out


                                    For each Dozen I throw in an extra bar, Please just put the fragrance type you would like as your free gift in the comment section (when you check out).



Shipping for 1-4 bars is the same, small flat rate usps box $7.16

Shipping for 5-20 bars fit in a medium flat rate box at $13.60

If you are charged a different amount please contact me. Thank you´╗┐

I always put in a little extra soap to help cover shipping.


For all of the different types of soap my base is the same. Made with mostly coconut oil, and a small percentage of palm oil (enviormentally sustainably grown). My soap has a rich creamy lather. Use as a hand, body and face, great for shaving, or taking off make-up.


Men -- If you use a shaving brush and cup. Just pick your favorite fragranced soap, cut it up and put chuncks in a microwavable coffee mug. Microwave 25 seconds, check and keep melting a few seconds at a time until melted. Then pour into your favorite shaving mug. Leave for a couple of hours and it will get hard again.


All soaps are Vegan except the oatmeal honey which has real honey.




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